Federico da Montefeltro: il Duca™

Top Hat Games presents Federico da Montefeltro: il Duca™, a game by Andrea Angiolino and Alessio Spalluto for 2-5 players published with the participation of the Municipality of Urbino and its Pro Loco and the official support of the National Committee for the Celebrations for Federico 2022: Federico 600.

Goal of the game

Players shall compete by developing the duchy of Federico, in the period from 1444 to 1482, in a fun game for 2-5 players aged 10 and up, for an average duration of 30 minutes and a light level of effort.

You will have to implement a balanced strategy between the cards you play and those you discard: your goal is building Districts, combining the most significant Works that History has left us, in order to earn points. During the game, you will also leverage the skills of prominent historical Dignitaries for opportunities, and Events to hinder your opponents.


The game contains a rulebook and 112 splendidly illustrated cards, independent of language: 6 Dignitaries (yellow/blue), 84 Works in four types (Military, Urbanistic, Humanistic and Artistic) and three colors (yellow/red, yellow/green and yellow/black), 20 Events (yellow, 4 each of the five Events), 1 Urbino placeholder and 1 Summary.

An uncommon municipality

The Pro Loco and the Municipality of Urbino have promoted the publishing of this game. Our experience shows that it is not the first time, but when it happens it is still necessary to highlight the importance of the people behind projects like this. The ability to be modern, almost innovative, is a characteristic that, unfortunately, not all institutions possess. To reach cultural goals of this depth, it is necessary to have “something more”, which is not trivial. In a country very rich in history and culture, we are finally celebrating the six hundred years of Montefeltro by narrating them with passion and inclusiveness in the only suitable way to pass them on to new generations and continue the innovative centenary work of Federico and his Urbino court.

Special Limited Edition 600: the Light of Italy

For our loyal customers of demanding gamers, Top Hat Games also publishes a special limited edition in 600 numbered copies enhanced by a precious box sleeve, to celebrate the 600 years since the birth of the Duke of Urbino. This collector's edition is already on exclusive presale in our Shop and will be sent to supporters in September 2022, as soon as production is complete.

Federico da Montefeltro: il Duca™ - Special Limited Edition™

600 collector's copies each enhanced by a precious numbered box sleeve. An elitist item for those who know how to appreciate an exclusive edition.