Frequently Asked Questions

Federico da Montefeltro: il Duca™ is a 2022 game by Andrea Angiolino and Alessio Spalluto, sponsored and supported by the Municipality and the Pro Loco of Urbino and is part of the 2022 celebrations in honor of Federico’s 600th anniversary.

On this page we collect the most frequently asked questions that we have been asked about rules and how to correctly apply them. These answers are to be considered an official part of the rules included in the game box.

  1. When I create a new District on my turn, and I want to play two Works cards, do they have to be of the same color? No, Works can be of any type (Artistic, Military, Humanistic or Urbanistic) and any color (black, red or green), chosen according to your personal strategy.

  2. In general, must Districts have only Works of the same color, or can they have mixed colors? There are no color restrictions in the composition of the Works in a District.

  3. Can you create just one new District on your turn, or even two? As stated in the rulebook on page 18, point 2 of the How to Play section, if two Works are played in one turn, they both form the same new District that is being created

  4. On my turn, I created a new District, in addition to others I already had. Can I add the second Work to an already existing District or only to the one I just created? Only to the new one that is being created in the current turn (see also the answer to question 3).

Light effort

Federico da Montefeltro: il Duca™ is the first work that introduces the effort (black characteristic): our players, through this index, know how much strategy, attention and commitment are needed to compete for the win. Federico da Montefeltro: il Duca™ has a light level of effort.