Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™

Top Hat Games presents a game by Sir Chester Cobblepot, Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™ featuring the FightHex System, designed by Aldo, Fabio and Giada Ghetti for 2/6 players, aged 8 and up, for an average duration of 30 minutes. Exclusive miniatures designed by OrcoNero Miniatures.


The box includes rulebooks, a game board, several miniatures, cards, dashboards, indicators, dice, a cloth bag, several cardboard tiles, markers  and tokens.

The Challenge Starts Again

IV-VII-MMXXI. A date that in Ancient Rome would mark the apex of the Megalenses Ludi, epic gladiatoral games held in honour of Cybele, the Great Mother. On that same day, our very own gladiators are back to fight, on Kickstarter! Top Hat Games brings the Ludi Gladiatorii back to life with Arena Colossei™, a board game full of wonderful miniatures that recreates the epic challenges of the most famous arena in the world: the Colosseum. A new crowdfunding campaign, which you can subscribe to while the audience, screaming and excited, starts to fill the stands for the start of the great show.