We’re here to entertain without any tricks

We want to build a passionate group where both publishers and players are equally important; a group capable of developing a healthy gaming culture.

We want to start from the innate and vital human desire to be together (even and especially now!) by offering the best pretext to spend some quality time in a comfortable space.

We want to travel the world as ambassadors of leisure, reaching the tables of players from all continents and "producing", from our mysterious top hat, fresh ideas that will amaze and amuse them, like skilled illusionists.

We want to thrill you with unusual, refined and unconventional products.

We want to work with craftsmanlike care and dedication, creating games that fit you like a distinguished top hat.

You won’t find our games in stores: so do not ignore our campaigns if you want to play them! Only our direct customers, and a few long-sighted retailers who personally choose to invest in our products, can own our handcrafted productions.