We came, we saw, we conquered

The Fall of the King™'s campaign ends with a triumph

Mad Hatter


The top hat: a type of hat that had to be handmade by expert hatters and for this reason, at a time when craftwork was in decline, it came to be associated with the upper classes. After the great wars it became rarer and rarer in everyday clothing, but this distinctive accessory persisted for many years in the etiquette of international diplomacy and later became a staple for illusionists.

Top Hat Games

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Ventura Battle System

An ingeniously simple medieval wargame with very few rules to assimilate and incredible tactical depth.

The Fall of the King

Four epic scenarios re-enacting the terrible battle of Fossalta in 1249, in which the Ghibellines of King Enzius and the Guelphs of Bologna faced each other.

Prelude to the Battle

Italy, 1249: the countryside between the Panaro river and Via Aemilia, has long been the subject of territorial disputes between the cities of Bologna and Modena. At dawn on 26 May the silence of the rural landscape is abruptly interrupted by the gallop of a small group of horses. They are imperial soldiers, mostly from Cremona, and they are heading southeast along a dirt road.