Mad Hatter

The top hat: a type of hat that had to be handmade by expert hatters and for this reason, at a time when craftwork was in decline, it came to be associated with the upper classes. After the great wars it became rarer and rarer in everyday clothing, but this distinctive accessory persisted for many years in the etiquette of international diplomacy and later became a staple for illusionists.

Good things come in threes

Top Hat Games renews its agreement with Sir Chester Cobblepot to publish the concluding third installment of Comedia, in both standard and Special Limited Edition, designed by such prestigious authors as Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini. Dante Alighieri: Comedia - Paradiso™ completes trilogy with Inferno and Purgatorio.

The Duke’s last stand

On November 26, 2022 in Milan, at WOW Museo del Fumetto, Top Hat Games together with Andrea Angiolino and Alessio Spalluto, collected the prestigious Medieval Italy Special Award, 19th edition for the successful promotion and enhancement of our country's medieval heritage with their game Federico da Montefeltro: il Duca™.

Waiting for Paradise

In Dante Alighieri: Comedia - Purgatorio™, the second chapter of the trilogy, join Dante and Virgil through the seven Cornices of Purgatory until they ascend to Earthly Paradise. A fine collaborative game for 3-6 players by Gabriele Mari produced by Sir Chester Cobblepot. Buy the Special Limited Edition™ now!

The battle of Raab

The first Italian Supplement to the Su le Teste! Nuova Edizione™ historical Napoleonic wargame dedicated to the Battle of Raab on June 14, 1809 fought between Franco-Italian and Austrian forces near Győr (Raab) in present-day Hungary. Buy it now!