The Fall of the King

Historical battles for 2 players aged 9 and up

The year is 1249 AD

We are in the countryside between the river Panaro and the Via Emilia, an area that has long been the subject of territorial disputes between the cities of Bologna and Modena. It is the dawn of May 26: the silence of the rural landscape is abruptly interrupted by the sound of a small group of horses galloping. They are imperial soldiers, mostly from Cremona, and they are heading southeast along a dirt road. King Enzius, son of Emperor Frederick II, received just last night the news that Modena was attacked by a militia formed by Bolognese, Ferrarese and papal soldiers. The decision to intervene was immediate; the Guelph attack cannot go unpunished. Here begins The Fall of the King: what happens in the next hours will go down in history as the battle of Fossalta and the fate of King Enzius will change forever. Are you ready to travel through time?

Ventura Battle System™ is a wargame for two players, even beginners, that offers you everything you need to test your tactical skills and courage right away. Product by Sir Chester Cobblepot Wargame, developed by eNigma.
In The Fall of the King™ you will find four epic scenarios that faithfully recreate the terrible battle of Fossalta, where King Enzius' Ghibelline imperial troops and Bologna's Guelph militia faced each other. Designed by Aldo Ghetti and Gianluca Raccagni, illustratrated by Maichol Quinto, Ilaria Ambrosini and Alan D'Amico.

The box contains

  • 48 cards featuring Soldiers, Civilians and a Vehicle;
  • 4 detailed colored maps of the battlefields;
  • 78 tiles representing combatants on the map;
  • 7 rulers;
  • 2 dashboards;
  • 1 token;
  • 91 indicators;
  • 44 markers.
  • In order to play, you will also need a handful of six-sided dice (not included).