The Fall of the King on Tabletop Simulator

In collaboration with Sir Chester Cobblepot, Top Hat Games has made The Fall of the King™ available on the Tabletop Simulator workshop. You can play all four historical scenarios for free and unlimited on your computer, if you have this program on the Steam platform.

Keep in mind that your gaming experience, especially during the first session, will be conditioned by the experience you have on this platform and the confidence you have in using similar programs. Tabletop Simulator is not a video game but a simulator, and any game action that you would perform in reality must be done through mouse and keyboard.

Don't be discouraged: you may find it awkward at first, but the controls are few and simple, and thanks to this solution you will completely bypass social distancing and even geographical distance between you and a distant friend. Besides, if you're a potential backer for our Kickstarter launching on July 7, 2020, this is the perfect solution for an informed purchase.

To help you overcome even your first moments of difficulty, we've compiled a quick guide to preparation and the main commands to use when running the game. Don't forget, however, to read the rules: as we already said, Tabletop Simulator cannot play on its own! You can download the files from this site, but they will also be available to you during the game.

The first Scenario is Reconnaissance, perfect for assimilating the rules of movement and combat of the Ventura Battle System™. It has a very short duration, only four rounds, and you will learn the basic concepts of Single Soldiers, Groups and Formations. You'll become familiar with bidding for Initiative and managing your blue markers.

The second Scenario, Sant'Ambrogio, recreatesthe fight for the bridge over the Panaro River, with the introduction of ranged combat and more ambitious and challenging tactical objectives. In six rounds, the Ghibelline player must take swift and resolute action against a prepared and well organized opponent.

The third Historical Scenario is played out in Fossalta: the Ghibellines of King Enzius are retreating towards Modena by skirting the impetuous Tiepido Creek. Eight rounds that will seem even longer if you don't quickly solve the dilemma: destroy the Carroccio or ford the creek and reach your goal? Doing both would be even better!

The battle of the Fossalta of 1249 reaches its climax near the church of San Lazzaro. In the last eight rounds of the fourth final scenario, King Enzius must escape capture and find refuge inside the church. Have you rewritten History or has its course been repeated again? Share your experiences and feedback with us.