The Fall of the King: the price is right!

Everything is ready for launch. As our first editorial project and also our first Kickstarter campaign, it was an extremely laborious process. Sir Chester Cobblepot's team was very helpful, going even beyond their role of game producers. Now it's our turn, we've worked hard, we gave it our best and we're ready to take any criticism.

A serious project

It is important to remind clients of who we are, not just to say "Sorry, it's our first try" but to make all potential supporters of the The Fall of the King™ project understand the nature and purpose of this operation. Top Hat Games is not just making an attempt at game publishing. Our proposal is a serious editorial project aimed at achieving a goal that can cover start-up costs.

All Exclusive

The Fall of the King™ is a game that will be handcrafted and limited. Top Hat Games is a small publisher, not because it was just established, but because it chose to be small. Those who will look for "Kickstarter exclusive” features in the campaign must understand that the whole project is exclusive. Those who do not buy it through Kickstarter will not find it in stores because only financed copies will be printed.

No pre-sale

If the Fall of the King™ project proves to be successful, we already have a deal with Sir Chester Cobblepot to use the Ventura Battle System™ to publish new games recreating more historical battles. However, if anyone who hasn't backed this campaign wants a copy of TFK in the future, they will have to convince another backer to sell their copy. This campaign is not a pre-sale: anyone who wants to play this game must participate now.

No future distribution

If there are retailers out there willing to believe in their business and choose to invest in The Fall of the King™, they will have our full cooperation and access to specific bundle offers, but only their lucky customers will benefit from such foresight. Top Hat Games doesn't have its own distribution network and cannot handle large scale distribution.

An exclusive club

We are game craftsmen, a small workshop able to satisfy a limited number of clients. Players willing to pay a small fee to be part of this "exclusive club" will become rightful members by supporting our projects. We are sincere fans of the game, so we want to share it with people who feel the same way. One of our favorite mottos is “for many, but not for everyone”.

First level

The Fall of the King™'s campaign is structured on three pledge levels: the first offers a Print&Play option, which includes digital files in Italian or English, with final graphics to create a DIY copy of the game. With this solution, you only need to invest 10€, but you will receive no physical box or components. An exclusive download of the files will be made available, presumably by August 2020.


We believe the first pledge level will be interesting for certain experienced players who have cabinets full of miniatures or for those looking for a good excuse to buy new ones. With the rules and all the instructions to set up a three-dimensional game table on their own, seasoned wargamers will have everything they need to play with this pledge, without spending three times as much for components that could be superfluous to them.

Second level

The second pledge of 30€ will buy you the complete The Fall of the King™ game, a box containing all the components designed by Sir Chester Cobblepot: a Rulebook, Historical Scenarios booklet, maps, cards, tiles, etc.. Of course, this pledge also gives you access to all the improved stretch goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign.

The full game

Players who have pledged 30€ will also receive the digital files provided to those who stopped at the first level. However, shipping costs are not included, as they will be charged at the end of the campaign, depending on your country. Our estimates foresee being able to print our games in October 2020 and then ship it to supporters.

Third level

Are you a retailer, a member of a wargame association, or you just want to create a purchasing group? The third and final level is a Bundle including 4 copies of The Fall of the King™ which allows you to save an additional 15% on the price of each single copy, while still benefiting from the unlocked stretch goals and digital files of the previous levels. An investment of 100€ for 4x of everything!

7 July 2020

The campaign will start on July 7, 2020 on Kickstarter: look for Top Hat Games' The Fall of the King™ project. If you have any other questions, write to us now at and don't forget that on Tabletop Simulator you can try the full game for free. See you in the Middle Ages: we'll be waiting for you!