Special Limited Edition: Tokens Upgrade

Since December 1st, Top Hat Games has been promoting the Special Limited Edition ™ of Dante Alighieri: Comedia - Inferno, a game produced by Sir Chester Cobblepot, available for pre-sale on its online Shop for a limited time. Thanks to a collaboration with OrcoNero Miniatures, we can officially announce that we will also be making a special set of three-dimensional tokens to improve the tokens and their use during the game.

Dante Alighieri: Comedia - Inferno’s components include six punchout cardboard tokens that assign very important roles and corresponding effects that influence the game. They are distributed in the preparation phase of the game, then, at each round, they are given by the owner to an opponent who meets certain requirements. Throughout the "journey" in the Circles of Hell, these components constantly pass from hand to hand.

Even the best materials cannot withstand the wear and tear of frequent and prolonged use. One game of Dante Alighieri: Comedia - Inferno leads to another, and if cards can be protected with sleeves easily available on the market (our cards have been produced in the standard format), protecting tokens is more difficult. If you also want to have the game look more visually stunning, the solution is the Special Limited Edition™: Tokens Upgrade™.

The sculptors of OrcoNero Miniatures have designed six magnificent pieces for us to produce the very exclusive Tokens Upgrade™ set, with three-dimensional sculptures that will be handcrafted in resin to make our Special Limited Edition™ “heavenly”! Sir Chester Cobblepot has approved this project and therefore the Tokens Upgrade™ components are official. Only the sets that will be pre-sold for our edition will be produced.

If you have already pre-purchased your copy on the online Shop of this site and wish to add the Tokens Upgrade™, write to us to integrate the six pawns into your order: Dante, Virgilio, the She-Wolf, the Lion, the Leopard and last but not least, Paolo and Francesca.

All the pieces have a circular base with a diameter of about 40 mm, a perfect fit for the cardboard tokens, which they will be replacing in the game, and have a height of no more than 80 mm.