Our Ludus Magnus is not over!

Gladiators, unite!

After this spectacular Ludus in the Colosseum, it's time to get back to training!

Take a deep breath: there are some big news.

First of all, we want to thank all those who supported the campaign and everyone interested in Arena Colossei who is now our follower.

We are continuing to receive hundreds and hundreds of feedback and messages, advice, support: you are the best Ludus we could have hoped for!

Top Hat Games has decided to end the campaign early, as the goal was not achieved.

We were ready for this possibility and we decided to stop shortly before the deadline, out of respect for all our ever-increasing supporters.

We have decided to make the most of this campaign which, as a publisher, we do not see as failure, but rather as an adventure that has strengthened us and made us even more aware of the value of our game and the growth potential for our company.

All messages, comments and emails that thank and praise Top Hat Games for seriousness, professionalism and availability with the customer makes feel us happier and prouder than ever before. We are aware of what needs to be improved to offer the best price while maintaining the already high quality of our game. In short, we have already been working for several days for a stronger relaunch of Arena Colossei.

Yes, Top Hat Games has no doubts about the strength and potential of Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii, and now we have a clearer vision on the right way to bring the game back to the Kickstarter platform. We owe this above all to supporters, who have shown an indescribable interest and love for the game, fueling our daily dedication to work. 

Like the Gladiators, we too live for the next fight and the next show, so we are ready to go down into the arena again very soon: 

The new campaign for Arena Colossei will relaunch in Q4 2021!

Keep following us because we are not stopping: on Facebook Top Hat Games and Arena Colossei, on Instagram @tophatgames, and join our Discord Channel. 

Valete, Gladiatori! Top Hat Games vos salutat!