Origins and Producers

Top Hat Games, publisher of Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™, is proud to present the game’s producer: Sir Chester Cobblepot. We’re delighted that such an experienced international company has believed in Top Hat Games for the realization of important projects such as The Fall of The King and Dante Alighieri: Comedia - Inferno, in the last two years.

Now it's time for Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™, started on April 7 for its new Kickstarter campaign and we want to share with you the peculiarities and strengths that are the basis of Cobblepot Games: a guarantee of quality production.

Italy is an extraordinary country for ancient history lovers. To this day, we can immerse ourselves in the millenary history of Rome and its empire by admiring its monumental remains. We feel particularly lucky and proud to take advantage of it and, why not, be a part of it.

This project, more than many others we have developed, makes us feel proud to have meticulously reconstructed the history and legends that gravitate around the figures of gladiators.

During production, our team faced many interpretative difficulties linked to the shared vision of the world of gladiators, which can be quite inaccurate thanks to cinematic representations. However, we feel we ultimately managed to create an incredibly detailed, complete and fun game, albeit with some quite obvious creative license where historiography did not support our artists’ vision.

Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™ is a new, essential chapter of our public history activities aimed at extra-academic communication in direct contact with a vast and diversified audience, in order to create interest not just in scholars and students, but in all kinds of individuals.

Sir Chester Cobblepot has been fully nurturing this sensitivity for years, inspired by their passionate vocation. The games in their catalog are a concrete example carried out through both gaming and cultural projects. Sir Chester Cobblepot rigorously recreates history and its unique features in the mechanics and meticulous details of their games.

Remember that Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™ returns to Kickstarter with a new campaign started on April 7, 2021, thanks to Top Hat Games, with a completely new project and an extremely competitive pledge. If you haven't had the chance to try it yet, click here and book a free demo on Tabletop Simulator now.