From Tiro to Héros

In Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii™, everyone can evolve in their career four times: in fact, each gladiatorial figure, in addition to the Tiro, comes with four miniatures. The Tiro is a beginner, just a wannabe Gladiator, the zero level. It is not necessary to start with Ludus Dacicus, but if you want to simulate a career from the beginning, this is an interesting challenge.


It’s the first level, the true starting point. It represents a novice athlete to whom the Lanista has assigned a figure that will determine their career and the opponents they will face in the arena. Gregarius Gladiators have a determined set of Movement cards. Their movements are not many and all quite simple: advance, turn, recede. Small variations characterize each style and identity.

Primus Palus

It’s the second level, and it represents a big step forward. These athletes are aware of their own abilities and have developed their figure in order to achieve the best results in any challenge. Primus Palus Gladiators expand their Gregarius set with a second sheet and additional Movement cards with a series of techniques that will give maximum performance to their movements against opponents. At this point, players can really evaluate and appreciate the possibilities of each figure. 


The third level is the first major milestone for fighters. Their accumulated experience allows them to face every situation and not to underestimate any opponent. Veteranus Gladiators implement their Gregarius and Primus Palus set with 3 Mastery cards and a third sheet featuring an Enhancement, which makes them a unique character whose victory is usually a safe bet.


Few reach the maximum level, allowing their name to be remembered throughout the centuries. Empires fall, but the fame of heroes, earned on the sands of the arena, endures. Héros Gladiators introduce a fourth sheet including a Talent and 3 Supremacy cards to their sets, turning each match into a page of History that will live on forever.

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