Carol: embracing Marlene Dietrich's timeless elegance

On this day, the 121st birthday of the legendary Marlene Dietrich, we celebrate the enigmatic figure whose influence reverberates through time, transcending mere stardom. Beyond the glitz of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dietrich carved a niche that blended daring fashion, unapologetic rebellion, and a magnetic allure that captivated hearts worldwide.

The Blue Angel

Born Maria Magdalene Dietrich in Berlin in 1901, Dietrich soared into the spotlight with her unforgettable portrayal of cabaret singer Lola-Lola in Der Blaue Engel (The Blue Angel). This groundbreaking role catapulted her into international fame, a course that continued with her migration to Hollywood and collaborations with director Josef von Sternberg, culminating in cinematic gems like Morocco, Shanghai Express, and The Devil Is a Woman.

Challenging conventions: the power of provocation

Yet, Dietrich was more than a cinematic charmer. She defied conventions by challenging the confines of femininity, making waves by adorning a tuxedo and a top hat in "Morocco," epitomizing a sensuous, non-conformist elegance. Off-screen, she boldly wore men’s silk suits, imprinting an indelible mark on fashion history.

Carol: the ensign of timeless elegance

Also in tribute to Dietrich’s legacy, we proudly introduce Carol, the super poppel of Top Hat Games. Carol embodies the essence of gentility and flair, just as toys find life through interaction, the game components aspire to befriend players worldwide, enriching each gaming experience with joy and friendship.

Honoring a Cultural icon

As we commemorate Marlene Dietrich’s 121st birthday, we celebrate not just an actress but an icon of audacity, elegance, and resilience. Her influence transcends time, inspiring artists, performers… and now Carol, who symbolizes the spirit of friendship and refinement in the world of gaming. We hope you will love getting to know Carol, who will accompany and guide us throughout 2024, a very important year for Top Hat Games: Top Games, Top Fun.