7 July 2020 on Kickstarter

After the announcement of the cancellation of the UK Games Expo in London, we decided, with our partner Sir Chester Cobblepot, to schedule the fundraising campaign for The Fall of the King™ for this summer. Everything is proceeding according to plan and now we can officially announce it: on the seventh day of the seventh month of this (difficult) year, Top Hat Games will launch its first Kickstarter campaign.

The Fall of the King

King Enzius, son of Emperor Frederick II, was captured in 1249 by his enemies, the Guelphs. During the Battle of Fossalta, the determination of the Bolognese soldiers allowed them to achieve an important goal that would change the political balance of medieval Europe. This year we can put Falconetto (as King Enzius was nicknamed at the time) back in the saddle, recreating the events of that fateful day and try to rewrite history.

Crowdfunding: what is it?

As you probably already know, this new word has been very popular in recent years, especially in the field of board games. It indicates a new kind of fundraising campaign, carried out through specific websites: the most popular and used is Kickstarter.com and we will soon set up a specific page entitled The Fall of the King™.

Support our project

If you have never taken part in this kind of operation, we should tell you that you must have a credit card enabled for Internet transactions. On the The Fall of the King™ Kickstarter page, in addition to the project information (features, etc.) you will find, in the right side column, the Pledge column, with a large button that allows you to back our project.

Your commitment

By Pledging you literally “commit” to contribute, through Kickstarter, to the publication of The Fall of the King™. The money is not withdrawn at the time of the pledge, because there is a general condition called Goal. That is the sum of funds which has been set for The Fall of the King™ to be printed.

Goal, score... print!

To clarify, if, and only if, the sum of all the pledges reaches or exceeds the goal, the contributions will be transferred to us. At that point we can begin printing the games, using our funds to cover the expenses, paying each supplier, funds which supporters like you have made available. As soon as the games are ready, everyone, in the manner agreed, will receive their copy of the game.

A unique occasion

Through this original procedure, and not only in the field of games, it was possible to realize ideas that might otherwise have been lost. Thanks to this new "pre-sale" method, you can have games like The Fall of the King™ that you could hardly find in stores because they would have to satisfy much wider and more expensive commercial logics than the project can really guarantee.

What future awaits?

It all depends on how many supporters The Fall of the King™ manages to get. We know that Sir Chester Cobblepot and their authors have solid ideas, and we also know that the investment made to launch this new game system could be recovered by creating many other historical scenarios. The Italian Middle Ages is full of ideas and Ventura Battle System™ was designed to play until the Renaissance.